We moved to the farm 17 years ago from North Minneapolis.  We had that feeling or need to “go back-to-the-land”.  Loretta primarily wanted to live in a country setting where she could raise fiber animals to help support her spinning habit.  Jerry yearned for dark skies to use his telescopes – as things turned out – wrenching on John Deere tractors and cutting hay became more important than building that dream observatory.  Both of us are now submersed in the fiber arts and enjoy raising our fiber animals, teaching what we have learned and selling the fruit of our labor – extremely nice fleeces, yarns and finished products.  We are extremely fortunate to have blackberries growing all over our 140 acres – thus “Blackberry Hills”.

Basically, we are a fiber-farm.  At Blackberry Hills we have lamas and recently have culled our sheep flock to around 35.  We have also started raising a Scottish Highlander cow (Megan) – which supply us with plenty of milk when needed . . . and of course . . . we’re in Wisconsin . . . we make cheese!

You can see us next at:

Shepherds Harvest

May -Mother’s Day Weekend – Washington County Fair Grounds

The Minnesota State Fair

We are members of the Minnesota Lamb and Wool Producers and have our products there in the Diary Building . . . Loretta also will be working there 3-4 days.

Orchard House Gallery Fall Festival

Baker Orchard in Centuria, WI Sept TBN

Minnesota Weavers Guild Fiber Fair

November TBN

Classes – Weaving & Spinning

Loretta is currently doing classes at Tin Cat Studio in Dresser, WI.  Check their website for details.